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stars1I fully recognise and appreciate the importance of personal recommendations from satisfied customers in enabling prospective clients to feel confident in enlisting specialist services. The very nature of conflict resolution adds two significant challenges to this mix.


Firstly, most importantly, there will usually be only one shot at a reconciliation. To this end getting the right person for the job is critical. I am always eager to learn and to challenge my own mastery of my discipline. However, if I feel that your conflict and my reputation are best served by proposing a mediator with another set of skills or experience then I will not only suggest this to you I will also assist you in finding such a person.


Secondly, unless you freely offer a recommendation of my services I won’t request one. I take client confidentiality so seriously I will not publish any reference to any mediation I have done anywhere on the internet and this policy will not change. Nor will I proffer details of any organisation or individual for whom I have provided a conflict resolution service .


As a not-quite-alternative I offer my commitment to do my best to resolve your conflict, to continuously improve my methods through practice, research and professional development and to apply these methods in a way that best furthers the clients interests. The Mediators Institute of Ireland continuously assess their members to ensure ongoing professional development and quality of service.


I also offer the following recommendations from two greatly respected fellow mediators with my thanks to them. I would also invite you to review my LinkedIn endorsements on conflict resolution.



 Susie Hall

Mediator and MII Council member

“I met Alec on a Mediation Advanced Skills training day and found him to be really enthusiastic about mediation as a means of alternative dispute resolution. He contributed to the group work and discussion with some creative ideas and strategies.”

 Anne Brennan

Conflict Specialist, Mediator, Employment Lawyer

“Alec has considerable knowledge in the areas of negotiation and dispute resolution. He has a great way with people and I highly recommend his workshop.”

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