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“Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict”.

~ Dorothy Thompson


Mediation is an excellent response to conflict.

It is the one that suits my skill set best and one in which I constantly strive to improve in, both academically and as a practitioner.

I believe conflict is a natural consequence of human interaction. I believe it is a necessary part of life and the driver behind all change and evolution. Its very nature makes it a challenge to manage, our very nature can make this challenge harder.

My role as a mediator is to help people move past a disagreement so that they can hopefully move on with their lives. The mediation process allows participants to “park” the conflict in a neutral environment, from there to deciding next steps based on all of the available information.

It is completely voluntary and absolutely confidential. My commitment to this principle is the explicit understanding that any participant in the process can “fire” me, at any time, without explanation.

Consultations are treated to the same stringent level of protection, whether or not we proceed, and are without cost or obligation.

Quality of service and cost effectiveness are essential components of my value proposition, as are flexibility and reliability. All costs, timelines and approaches (single session/ “as-needed”) are agreed with the client beforehand.

A limited “pro-bono” (free) service is also available.

My practice operates strictly within the European Code of Conduct for Mediators and is subject to regular assessment from the Mediators Institute of Ireland. 
(Link: http://ec.europa.eu/civiljustice/adr/adr_ec_code_conduct_en.pdf)


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